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"We are a team working to provide a quality services for you, taking care of your needs"

We been in the business for almost 12 years and  our main goal is to completely satisfy your needs, in this type of service we provide high quality refinishing for home owners, apartment management, and for contractors, all work is done at the highest standard  with the best product available and all our jobs come with a 6 and 12 months of warranty our technicians are highly train for restoring & prolonging the beauty of your hard  surfaces.

JJ Reglazing Co provide hard surfaces refinishing for your bathtub don't matter how  it looks we will give a new life to your old bathtub as you will see on the sample.

Reglazing needs a highly trained technician to carry out the job, JJ Reglazing is dedicated to continue working hard  to meet the highest standard for restoring and prolonging the beauty of bathtubs, counter tops, shower fiber glass enclosure, tile enclosure,  kitchen counters, kitchen sink, fiber glass, cast iron, porcelain, corian, culture marble, formica, needs a color change? Yes we do that too, we manage a variety of colors to satisfy your needs.

Professional Reglazing Services

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